Binary Clock Arduino Tutorial

Binary clock is a relatively popular gadget among programmers in many stores you can buy a version of alarm clocks or to wear wrist. However, nothing gives more satisfaction than create such a watch yourself. This post will show you how to build your own binary clock using Ardunio and several electronic components.

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Openshift tutorial – How to Start

Probably not once after creating Web application you would like to put it on a remote server. Personally, I like to use for this services of openshift (httpss:// in the case of the free version it allows registrations of 3 projects and supports such containers as Tomcat, Jboss or WildFly and there is no problem to hook up a database. For larger projects there is a paid version of these services. Unfortunately the service may at first seem quite complicated but in this may help present tutorial.

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Scanner 3D tutorial

Did you ever needed to move real objects from your surroundings on to your computer, and I’m not talking about the pictures but a fully three-dimensional model. Possible for 3D printing. There are for this purpose special 3D scanners, but in most of theme prices starts from a few thousand, and few of us can afford them. One day I was looking for cheaper alternatives and it turned out that this can be achieved by using affordable solutions.

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