Connecting androida with wordpress – WP Rest Api, oAuth 2.0, Scribe

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS in the world, it is estimated that about 27.5% of the web sites are based on this system. So when creating mobile applications, there is a great chance that we will need to know how to work with WordPress based sites.

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Hibernate ORM – Quick Start

Saving information to database is an extremely important task which almost every more advanced applications need to do. There are many solutions that allow us to achieve this, however still most common is used relational databases with SQL language. One of most popular solutions for web applications written in Java is Hibernate framework.

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Openshift tutorial – How to Start

Probably not once after creating Web application you would like to put it on a remote server. Personally, I like to use for this services of openshift (httpss:// in the case of the free version it allows registrations of 3 projects and supports such containers as Tomcat, Jboss or WildFly and there is no problem to hook up a database. For larger projects there is a paid version of these services. Unfortunately the service may at first seem quite complicated but in this may help present tutorial.

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WordPress Video Lightbox Plugin