Connecting androida with wordpress – WP Rest Api, oAuth 2.0, Scribe

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS in the world, it is estimated that about 27.5% of the web sites are based on this system. So when creating mobile applications, there is a great chance that we will need to know how to work with WordPress based sites.

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WatchCat – remotly catching errors in Android

This time little shorter Entry for a simple but extremely useful application which is WatchCat. Probably not once happened to you that during programming mobile aplication you got informations from users that something does not work in your aplication even though on emulators and on private devices everything is looking great.

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LibGDX introduction Tutorial

Certainly while learning programming, you not once thought of creation a video game. For many, this is often the reason why they become interested in programming. There are now many framworków and libraries to help us create a fully functional games. Personally, some time ago I became interested in Libgdx.

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WordPress Video Lightbox Plugin