Q# Grover search

One of the main reasons why quantum computers arouse the imagination and hopes of many people around the world is the ability to significantly increase the speed of calculations compared to classical computers. Unfortunately, it will probably be many years before we see quantum computers in everyday life. However, there are already algorithms that can perform certain tasks faster than classical computers. One such algorithm is the Grover search algorithm.

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Q# Entanglement

One of the fundamental phenomena in quantum physics and computer programming is quantum entanglement. This phenomenon occurs in the case of two quantum particels which are entangled and that causes that making a measurement on one of these qubits will not only determine the value for this qubit, but will also determine the value for the other qubit, immediately. Regardless of the distance between them. The CNOT gate described in the previous article is most often used to entangle qubits. However, nothing stands in the way of entangling more qubits in more advanced algorithms.

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