LibGDX introduction Tutorial

Certainly while learning programming, you not once thought of creation a video game. For many, this is often the reason why they become interested in programming. There are now many framworków and libraries to help us create a fully functional games. Personally, some time ago I became interested in Libgdx.

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How to etch circuit board single and double sided with thermal transfer method

When creating electronic designs often we use the bread board. Nevertheless, we would like that our project would took a more permanent form. In such case we may transfer our project to PCB. Best of all is that everyone can prepare such board at home.

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Scanner 3D tutorial

Did you ever needed to move real objects from your surroundings on to your computer, and I’m not talking about the pictures but a fully three-dimensional model. Possible for 3D printing. There are for this purpose special 3D scanners, but in most of theme prices starts from a few thousand, and few of us can afford them. One day I was looking for cheaper alternatives and it turned out that this can be achieved by using affordable solutions.

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