WatchCat – remotly catching errors in Android

This time little shorter Entry for a simple but extremely useful application which is WatchCat. Probably not once happened to you that during programming mobile aplication you got informations from users that something does not work in your aplication even though on emulators and on private devices everything is looking great. Often information from users is not enough especially when the error occurs when you start an application or is trigered by random events. In this case, it may be useful to find information about the error stacktrace. There are many solutions for remotely identifying errors but I think there is no simpler solution than WatchCat.
Watch Cat allows us to remotely catch error and requires very little time to be implemented. The service is available at
Its enought to create a free account with your username and password. Inside we have actually only one option “Add new Project”. We give any name and get a link to download the jar file and the following short instructions:

ErrorAgent.register(context, yourProjectId);

import com.dynamixsoftware.ErrorAgent;

public class MyApplication extends Application {
public void onCreate(){
ErrorAgent.register(this, yourProjectId);

And it really is so simple. We get access panel where we can see when in what quantities and how the error occurred on someone else’s machine and preview the whole error stacktrace and thus makes it easier and faster to fix our application.

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